History In The "Making"

The Need

Kevin Jamison and Tim Oliver, two of the original founders of the concealed-carry movement in Missouri, were receiving about a dozen calls a week from gun owners wanting a clearer understanding of when someone could or could not use deadly force to defend self, family, and others. The passage of the "Castle Doctrine" law had brought major changes in the rules of engagement; no surprise, most callers were permit holders, many having taken their concealed-carry firearms safety course prior to the passage of Castle Doctrine. Of great concern, however, was that some callers reported receiving inaccurate information from concealed-carry firearms safety instructors, law enforcement officers, gun buddies, and/or other sources.

Distribution of comprehensive, and comprehensible, information on Missouri's weapons and self-defense laws was obviously needed.

The Idea

Tim had been utilizing a video presentation on the law in his concealed-carry firearms safety courses; it was convenient, and it assured every class received the same information. He believed distributing a video would not only benefit other Concealed-Carry Firearms Safety Instructors and their new students, but current permit holders as well. Tim's video, however, was several years old; he was instructing his students on the recent changes in law himself. Production of a new video would therefore be necessary, but the cost to produce a marketable (i.e., professional-grade) video was not without consideration. Would there even be a demand for it? Tim floated the idea in a poll to the members of MissouriCarry.com. The response was overwhelmingly positive; folks were excited at the prospect of having a Missouri Concealed-Carry Law training video available, and MissouriCarry.com even wanted to help sponsor the project.

The Partnership

Tim and Kevin came together and formed Learn To Carry Productions, Ltd to produce and distribute the video. The pair were well-teamed for the task, Kevin as an attorney with many years concentrating and instructing in weapons and self-defense law, and Tim as a firearms instructor with 35-plus years developing courses for law enforcement and civilians. They were ready and immediately went to work.

The First Production

The two edited and fine-tuned Kevin's existing course outline on Missouri weapons and self-defense law, and then turned it over to Tim's wife, Mona (aka "MizzMona"), who developed it into a PowerPoint presentation. Tim contracted Steve Twitchell of Steve Twitchell Productions to shoot and produce the video. Filmed on STP's sound stage, the course was shot in a classroom setting with the help of eight MissouriCarry.com members who had volunteered to play the role of students. It was a memorable all-day event.

Tim lays out a Q&A session with Kevin and cast during a pause on the set.

Days of editing followed. Steve Twitchell Productions would do the post production and designed the DVD disk covers; Tim, Greg Pugh, and MizzMona designed the DVD box cover. Finally, it all came together, and the video started "rolling off the line." MizzMona began work on the Learn To Carry Productions (this) website. In the meantime, MissouriCarry.com became the first official reseller and began offering the video on their website.


Many thanks to MissouriCarry.com, as well as the "MoCarry Players" (below), everyone at Steve Twitchell Productions, and Greg Pugh and MizzMona for their tremendous support and hard work on this project. A special thanks to Sheila Stokes-Begley whose concealed-carry draw also made one heck of a cool logo.

(back, l-r) "The Naked Prophet," Ann, "Wild Willie," and Gino "The Judge"
(front, l-r) Dennis Begley, Sheila Stokes-Begley, Don Gaikins, and Dan "Realtor" Smith