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Version 2.5
Missouri Concealed-Carry and Self-Defense Law

+ $7.50 shipping/handling
+ MO sales tax, if applicable

Instructed by Kevin L. Jamison, Esq., this video presentation on Missouri concealed-carry and self-defense law clearly and thoroughly lays out the critical information Missouri gun owners need to know.

Firearms Instructors: This video contains all the essential information on Missouri law required for your concealed-carry firearms safety courses.

Covers MO laws relating to firearms and the requirements for obtaining a concealed carry permit as prescribed in Chapter 571 RSMo (Disc 1) and the justifiable use of force as prescribed in Chapter 563 RSMo (Disc 2) effective August 28, 2015.

Format: DVD (2-Disc Set)
Runtime: 2 hours, 10 minutes

Upgrade your 2.0 set to 2.5!
Disc 1 Only (571 Update)

+ $7.50 shipping/handling
+ MO sales tax, if applicable

If you own Version 2.0, this disc is all you need to update your existing set to Version 2.5.

Disc 1 from Missouri Concealed-Carry and Self-Defense Law, Version 2.5, to replace/upgrade Disc 1 in Missouri Concealed-Carry and Self-Defense Law, Version 2.0, Expanded and Instructor's Cut editions.

Not for use with any other disc set or version, other than as specified above. Does not cover justifiable use of force (Chapter 563 RSMo). Does not, by itself, fulfill the legal portion of the firearms safety course to qualify for a Missouri concealed carry permit.

Format: DVD (Disc 1 Only)
Runtime: 59 minutes

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