About the Instructor's Cut

For most instructors providing the Firearms Safety Course outlined under Missouri's Concealed-Carry Law, the hardest subject matter to teach are the legal portions covering RSMo Chapters 571 (Weapons) and 563 (Justification of Defense). Why are these two subjects so difficult to teach? It's because statute law is written in a language foreign to most firearms instructors and their students - "Legalese."

So, what's an instructor to do?

Some instructors read the requisite sections verbatim to their students. Most just do the best they can to get through those sections on their own. Unfortunately, due to the lack of a readily available knowledge base, others put out bad information. Even the NRA, in it's Personal Protection and Marksmanship Instructor Program, tell their Instructor candidates that they have to hire a lawyer, an LEO, or someone else knowledgeable in the subject matter to teach that portion of the class.

As a Concealed-Carry Firearms Safety Instructor, you want your classes to be thorough and complete. You want your students to leave with all of their questions answered. You do not want any student of yours to be involved in a bad self-defense shooting.

"Missouri Concealed-Carry and Self-Defense Law" is the answer.

In the video, instruction is presented in a classroom setting - and the instructor is Kevin Jamison, a highly respected Second Amendment lawyer and author of Missouri Weapons and Self-Defense Law. Kevin takes his students, and yours, through the complicated areas of Missouri's Concealed-Carry Law in plain English, and dispels a few myths along the way.

The Instructor's Cut video is a plug-and-play, two-disc dvd set having a total runtime of 2 hours 10 minutes. Convenient to use, it assures information is provided uniformly from one course to the next. The video presentation is thorough and easy to follow, and the instructor is a practicing attorney widely recognized as a leading authority on Missouri gun law. How could it get any better?

It's the crucial information your students need to know. Add this indispensable resource to your Concealed-Carry Firearms Safety Course today!