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Announcing Version 2.5!

The Missouri Concealed-Carry and Self-Defense Law training video contains easily-understood information that reflects current law (effective August 28, 2015), including some important case law that affects how judges view every self-defense shooting in the state. This is information every Missouri gun owner should know! And of course, the Instructor's Cut was also made to be perfect for firearms instructors to use in their Missouri concealed-carry firearms safety courses, as a plug-n-play solution to fulfill the required teaching of the Missouri Statutes.

In Version 2.5, the RSMo Chapter 571 information covered in Disc 1 has been updated due to a substantial number of changes in that portion of the law since the 2.0 release. This update was a total remake resulting in an all-new Disc 1.

On the other hand, there have been no significant changes to RSMo Chapter 563 since Version 2.0. Chapter 563 information on Disc 2 in Version 2.0 is still complete and current for today. As there was no need to update the Chapter 563 information, Disc 2 was left unchanged in Version 2.5.

We had previously offered an Instructor's Cut and an Extended edition. The Extended edition covered the same material as the Instructor's Cut, but went into some greater depth on various portions of the law and had a longer runtime. With this new release, we are no longer offering an Extended edition due to the Instructor's Cut being the one most people overwhelmingly chose to buy.

However, this latest release does come in two different packages.

Disc 1 Update for Version 2.0

Good news! If you already own Version 2.0 -- the Instructor's Cut or the Extended edition -- you only need to buy Disc 1 of Version 2.5 to have all the current correct law. Firearms instructors can simply use their existing Disc 2 from Version 2.0 with the all-new Disc 1 of Version 2.5 to have their law training material up to date.

The price of the Disc 1 update is only $29.95!   Order Now!
($29.95 + $2.39 MO tax + $7.50 s/h = $39.84)

Version 2.5 Disc Set

Of course, if you don't already have Version 2.0, we also offer a complete two-disc set containing the all-new Disc 1 of Version 2.5 along with the unchanged but still-current Disc 2 (under a new 2.5 label).

More good news! Because we managed to reduce our production costs, we were also able to reduce the price by about 10% from previous versions.

The price of the 2.5 Disc Set is only $49.95!   Order Now!
($49.95 + $3.98 MO tax + $7.50 s/h = $61.43)